Rajasthan: Bearded grooms will not get brides now, this work will have to be done before marriage!


You must have also seen that nowadays grooms come to marriage only after getting their beard trimmed with full style and set, earlier on the wedding day the groom's entire beard was cut and only then the groom was ready. But now such a change is being seen that instead of cutting the beard, grooms are reaching the wedding by growing it.

In such a situation, information has come to the fore that Jaipur's Kshatriya Kumawat Collective Marriage Committee has unanimously decided that if any groom reaches for marriage with a beard, the procession will be returned. According to reports, this committee is going to organize a mass marriage ceremony on 30 March. In such a situation, this decision will be completely valid in this ceremony. 

In this matter, this decision has been taken in the meeting of the society in the Govindgarh area of ​​Rajasthan. In such a situation, the objection is being expressed about the keeping of the beard of the groom. This information has been given by the chairman of the committee in the meeting held at Govindgarh. He says that everyone should follow the culture.