Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Will Sachin Pilot become the Chief Minister if Congress government is formed? This is why there is discussion


Before the assembly elections to be held on November 25, former state president Sachin Pilot has come into the limelight. The reason is that now along with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot has also got a place in the election campaign hoardings of the Congress Party. 

The picture of former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has been given a prominent place in the new election guarantee hoardings of Congress that have been put up at many places in the state for the upcoming assembly elections.

Before the elections, these hoardings of Sachin Pilot's photo with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot have become a topic of discussion from political circles to social media.

Many types of speculations are being made regarding this. Discussion has even started whether Sachin Pilot can be made the Chief Minister if Congress forms the government. Now only time will tell whether Ashok Gehlot or Sachin Pilot will become the Chief Minister if Congress gets majority. 

PC: jansatta