Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Will Congress get majority again? This shocking revelation came in the survey


A shocking survey has come to light before the assembly elections to be held in Rajasthan on 25th of next month. The opinion of the people of the state has been taken in a survey conducted by C Voter for ABP News.

An attempt was made to know whether Congress would win again in the upcoming elections. Surprising answers have been received in this survey from the people of the state. In the survey, opinion was taken from the people whether they want to change the Gehlot Congress government? 

Of these, 49.1 percent people said that they want to change the Congress government of the state. Whereas 21.8 percent people said that they are angry with Congress, but do not want to change the government. 

Whereas 29.1 percent people said that they are neither angry with Congress nor do they want to change the government. This survey can give sleep to the Congress government. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is claiming victory in the elections this time. Election results will come on 3 December. 

PC: thestatesman