Rajasthan Assembly Elections: When will Congress release its first list of candidates, now this thing has come to light


Now the first list of 41 candidates has been released by BJP for the assembly elections to be held on 25th November in Rajasthan. The list has not been released yet by Congress.

This is going to happen soon from Congress also. If reports are to be believed, the first list of candidates for Rajasthan may be released after October 16 or 17. In Rajasthan, the meeting of State Election Committee (PEC) and Screening Committee may be held on 16 or 17 October.

The party may finalize its candidate selection for 130 seats in Madhya Pradesh, 90 in Chhattisgarh and 40 in Mizoram today. This may be approved in the Central Election Committee (CEC) meeting of the Congress today. After this the first list of candidates from Rajasthan will be released. Indications of this have been received from high sources of Congress. 

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