Rajasthan Assembly Elections: This woman MLA is opposing her husband's ticket, you will be surprised to know


Two lists of candidates each have been released by BJP and Congress for the upcoming assembly elections. With the release of the list, the rebellious attitude of the leaders has also come to light. You will be surprised to know that it is the wife who is opposing her husband for a seat.

We are talking about Ramgarh seat of Alwar, Rajasthan, where the woman MLA has become angry after her husband got the ticket. According to reports, Congress has fielded her husband Zuber Khan in place of sitting MLA Safia Khan on this seat.

Sophia Khan has become angry at this step of Congress. According to reports, when the ticket was cut, Sofia Khan said that the party did not do it right. Zuber Khan, who is considered close to Priyanka Gandhi, has not given any kind of reaction on this. 

PC: aajtak