Rajasthan Assembly Elections: For the first time, these people will be able to vote in their own village, polling center will be built at a height of 4921 feet.


Assembly elections will be held in Rajasthan on 25 November. Special preparations have been made on the instructions of the Election Commission to ensure that no voter is deprived of his franchise due to not being able to reach the polling station. Under this, polling centers will be set up by the Election Department even in inaccessible, remote and less populated areas. 

Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta has given this information. He said that polling stations will be set up in the state ranging from inaccessible hilly areas to sparsely populated desert areas. 

He said that voters of Shergaon, situated at an altitude of 4921 feet in Abu-Pindwara assembly constituency of Sirohi district, will be able to vote in their own village for the first time this year. With the help of forest guards, the polling party will walk for about 18 kilometers on footpaths in the dense forest to reach this polling station.

A polling station has been set up here for 117 voters. Earlier, the voters of Shergarh had to come to the polling station in another remote Utraj village to vote. This time, a polling booth will be set up for 238 voters in Utraj village.

PC: aajtak