Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Corruption and jungle raj will end in Taranagar: Rajendra Rathore


Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore did extensive public relations in his assembly constituency on the occasion of Diwali. On Monday also, Rajendra Rathod did public relations in many areas for the assembly elections to be held on 15th of this month.

He has given this latter information through social media. In this regard, he tweeted that I express my gratitude and thanks from the bottom of my heart to the villagers of Gogtiya Baghawatan and Buchawas for giving me immense love, blessings and support.

With the cooperation and cooperation of all of you, corruption and jungle raj will end in Taranagar and good governance will come on 3rd December. He took blessings of victory from the public by doing public relations in Valmiki Mohalla and Banjara Basti in Taranagar city. I will always be indebted to you for the respect you have shown me today. Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod is trying his luck this time from Taranagar assembly constituency. 

PC: twitter