Rajasthan Assembly Elections: CM Gehlot is now doing this in Congress guarantee dialogue


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is working hard to return Congress to power. Before the assembly elections to be held on November 25, CM Ashok Gehlot is appealing to the people of the state to vote in support of Congress candidates. He has given information in this regard through tweet.

He tweeted that under the Congress Guarantee Dialogue organized in Gangashahar last night, the candidates of Bikaner East and West were urged to vote in favor of Yashpal Gehlot and Dr. BD Kalla respectively. The words of enthusiasm expressed in support of 7 guarantees of Congress created the story of bright Rajasthan.

He wrote in another tweet that the sun shines in the setting evening. In the midst of the waning evening, the holy land of Mata Karni became bright with the glow of the mold scattered in the Deshnok Congress Guarantee Dialogue. Your every vote given to the candidate of the area, Bhanwar Singh Bhati, will become a guarantee of No. 1 Rajasthan.

In another tweet it was written that the promise of Congress echoes Gagan, Pawan, Bhawan, 7 guarantees. The rain of affection and every glance in Nokha's Congress Guarantee Dialogue confirmed the new creation. Vote for the area's candidate Sushila Rameshwar Dudi and seal the progress of the area and women empowerment through cylinder, Udaan, Grihalakshmi guarantee for Rs 500.

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