Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Before Priyanka Gandhi's public meeting, Rajendra Rathore targeted Ashok Gehlot regarding ERCP.


Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, before the public meeting to be held in Dausa district today, Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore has targeted Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot regarding ERCP.

He has tweeted in this regard. BJP MLA tweeted in this regard that Priyanka Gandhi ji, if you share the stage with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, then definitely ask him that the Chief Minister had said that the state government will complete the ERCP with its own resources. The tenure of the government is also about to end, when will the promise made to the people of the state be fulfilled?

In the Budget 2021-22, the Chief Minister had committed to complete the ERCP project worth Rs 37 thousand crore. The budget for 2023-24 has also arrived, but why has ERCP not come on ground?

Why did the government talk about completing this project by the year 2051 in paragraph 170 of His Excellency the Governor's address on 23 January 2023? Why has the government not yet removed the technical flaws of ERCP? The public knows the truth about ERCP very well and will no longer be misled by the Congress.

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