Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Ashok Gehlot said this big thing about Congress candidates


Congress has released five lists of candidates for the assembly elections to be held this month. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given a statement after the fifth list was released by Congress. 

CM Gehlot has tweeted in this regard. He tweeted that hearty congratulations to all the candidates named in the fourth and fifth lists released by the Central Election Committee of the Congress for the Rajasthan Assembly elections 2023.

Public blessings are necessary to give 10 times the speed of 7 guarantees to the 4 times progress achieved through Congress's ongoing historic savings relief growth schemes.

Therefore, all the friends of the Congress family are requested to ensure the victory of Congress in their respective areas through hard work and public service to build No. 1 Rajasthan. 

It is noteworthy that till now 156 candidates have been fielded by Congress for the Rajasthan Assembly elections.