Rajasthan Assembly Elections: 43,411 voters have already voted, this facility is being provided


In the Rajasthan Assembly General Election-2023, 43,411 voters above 80 years of age and with more than 40 percent disability have voted till Thursday. For the first time, on the initiative of the Election Commission of India, these people have been given the right to vote from home.

Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta has given this information. He said that under the Rajasthan Assembly General Election-2023, senior voters above 80 years of age and disabled voters in the state have been given the option of voting from home. On the first day of home voting in the state on Tuesday, 9,687 elderly and 2,655 disabled voters, on Wednesday 10,354 elderly and 2701 disabled voters and on Thursday, 14,311 elderly and 3123 disabled voters took advantage of the facility of voting from home.

He said that 62,927 eligible voters have applied for home voting facility as an option. Special polling teams are going to the homes of such voters and getting them voting through postal ballot with complete secrecy. 

PC: jagran