Rajasthan: Ashok Gehlot has now said this big thing about PM Modi


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has once again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding ERCP. On Thursday, during the inauguration and foundation stone laying program of the development works of the Kishanpole Assembly in Jalupura, Jaipur, he said that PM Narendra Modi has kept silence on the issue of ERPC. While he had promised this to the public in Ajmer.

Ashok Gehlot said that ERPC should be declared a national project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now gone back on the promise of declaring ERPC as a national project. While 16 national projects are going on in the country. If ERPC is also included in these, then what will be the problem.

Ashok Gehlot has even said that the central government is scared of the dearness relief camps being set up in the state. For this reason, even before the assembly elections, Prime Minister Modi has come to Rajasthan four to five times in two to three months.