Rajasthan: Ashok Gehlot demanded the Modi government implement these three schemes of the state across the country


An inflation relief camp is going to start in Rajasthan today regarding ten schemes of the Ashok Gehlot government, which the CM himself is going to inaugurate today. Ashok Gehlot himself has informed us about this through social media.

He tweeted that we are setting up inflation relief camps to provide relief from inflation and to extend the benefits of the schemes to every needy. Through this tweet, Ashok Gehlot has demanded the Modi government of the Center to implement the three schemes of the state in the country.

Ashok Gehlot has demanded the central government to implement the schemes like a gas cylinder for Rs.500 in Rajasthan, Chiranjeevi insurance for Rs.25 lakh, and financial assistance of Rs.40,000 for a cow that dies from Lumpi across the country. It is noteworthy that to give the benefits of the ten big schemes announced in the budget to the common people, dearness relief camps are being organized by the Ashok Gehlot government.