Railways rules: These rules have to be followed while traveling on the train, if you break then you will have to pay a fine in the thousands


Indian Railways is such a service that makes you travel far and wide in less money. Along with this, it also gives you so many facilities that you can take full advantage of them. But you or very few people would have little idea about the rules which have to be followed while traveling in the railway. So, you know about such rules.

Luggage rule of railway

You would not know about the luggage rule of railway. In such a situation, if you are traveling in a train, then you can take only 40 to 70 kg of Onej with you. For more than this, you will have to pay extra charge. If you do not do this then you can also be fined.

Can't travel with these things

If you are traveling in train, then you have to keep in mind that you cannot travel with any inflammable substance, explosive, gas cylinder, cigarette, stove etc. If you are found with these, then action can be taken against you and fine can also be imposed.