Railway Rule: This rule of the railway will give you a huge benefit, take advantage of it soon


You must have traveled many times in Indian Railways and during long journeys, you must have taken something or the other to eat and drink. In such a situation, many times those who sell some goods at the railway station on the train sell you things at an expensive price or give you a duplicate. In such a situation, the Railways have also made a rule for this.

Which can be of direct benefit to you. In such a situation, if someone takes more money from you in exchange for goods on the train or at the station, then you can complain about it. After which Indian Railways also takes action on it.

Make a complaint here

If the shopkeeper demands more money from you than the printed price, then you can complain about it on the railway helpline number 139. Apart from this, you can also complain through the railway app. Based on your complaint, Indian Railways takes action against that shopkeeper.