Railway News: Railways is troubled by theft of towels and linen in trains!


Ashwani Vaishnav Plan for Railway: When you travel in the AC coach of the train, here you are given a bedsheet, pillow, blanket, and towel by the railway. After using them, you have to leave them in the train itself. But some people take them in their bags. Railways are suffering a huge loss due to this act of passengers. In the last few years, cases of theft of bedsheet and towels have increased rapidly. According to the information given by the railway a year ago, people had stolen the most goods worth about 56 lakh rupees in the trains of Bilaspur zone of Chhattisgarh.


The attendant made a video of the woman stealing the towel

After this information came to light, the railway issued a warning of action against such acts. But even after this, such cases are not decreasing. A few days ago, an attendant made a video of a woman stealing a towel from the AC coach of the Rajdhani train. The attendant showed this video to the officials as evidence. News regarding this was also published in a national newspaper. Earlier also, passengers stealing towels and towelettes have been caught.

The decision to start an awareness campaign

After the increase in cases of towel and bedsheet theft, Western Railway has decided to start an awareness campaign in the AC coaches of trains. Railway hopes that through awareness campaigns such cases of theft can be reduced. Let us tell you that a woman traveling in the second AC coach of 12952 Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express had kept a railway towel in her bag. When her bag was searched on suspicion, 5 railway towels were found.

More than 500 towels were stolen from trains in just 15 days

In the last 15 days, more than 500 towels have been stolen from different trains of Western Railway. In the awareness campaign run by the railways, passengers will be made aware that they should use linen towels only during the journey on the train. Do not take them home with you and leave them on the train only. Apart from this, attendants will also be given training that if they find less number of linen on a seat, then they should inquire about it from the passenger.

What is the punishment for stealing railway goods?

Stealing railway goods is a legal offense. If you are caught stealing railway goods or damaging railway property, action can be taken against you under the Railway Property Act 1966. Not only this, there is a provision of both fine and jail for damaging or stealing railway goods. The maximum punishment for this is five years. The amount of the fine is decided by the court.