Rahul Gandhi: Will Rahul not be able to contest elections in 2024? Don't know what ways are left with them now


The Surat court sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years in the defamation case and also granted him bail. But now the question is whether Rahul will be barred from contesting elections or will he be able to contest further elections, we will try to know all these things today and see what legal options are left with Rahul.

In such a situation, according to many big legal experts, Rahul Gandhi still has some options, through which he can challenge the order of the court and he can also get relief. In such a situation, if Rahul Gandhi wants, the court which has sentenced him can challenge the order of punishment before the High Court. 

According to the information, Rahul Gandhi also has the option of approaching the Supreme Court under Article 136 of the Constitution. Even in such a situation, if Rahul Gandhi does not get relief, then he can serve the sentence. 

What about contesting elections

As per the information not only Rahul Gandhi but any person cannot contest elections for a period of six years after serving his sentence. At the same time, under the Act, Rahul Gandhi can be immediately disqualified as an MP. The Lok Sabha Secretariat can issue a notice of disqualification.