Rahul Gandhi said, in 70 years the capital of this country was made, decided to sell it

Rahul Gandhi said, in 70 years the capital of this country was made, decided to sell it

Reacting to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's announcement of an ambitious Rs 6 lakh crore National Monetization Pipeline (NMP), Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said Narendra Modi and the BJP had a slogan that 'nothing happened in 70 years and yesterday finance The minister has decided to sell whatever was the capital of this country in 70 years, that means the Prime Minister has sold everything.

He said that all the privatization is being done to create a monopoly. Power, telecom, warehousing, mining, airports, ports are all being done to create a monopoly. You know in whose hands the ports are, who are getting the airports. You will stop getting employment as soon as the monopoly is created. The small and medium businesses in this country that will give you employment tomorrow will all be closed and will end. There will be 3-4 businesses, there will be no need to give employment to them.

He said that India's capital is being sold, it is an attack on your future. Narendra Modi Ji with his 2-3 industrialist friends is attacking the youth of India, you understand this very well.

Country's assets not safe under BJP government: Congress

Congress accused the BJP of selling the country's assets. The party said that the country's assets will not be saved under the BJP government. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted using the hashtag 'StapsellingIndia', 'Sale of the country's properties worth Rs 6 lakh crore - roads, rail, mines, telecom, energy, gas, airports, seaports, stadiums. Modi Ji will sell everything from the sky to paatal. If there is BJP, then the assets of the country will not be saved.