Rahul Gandhi: Rahul Gandhi will vacate the government bungalow on time, and will now live in this house!


Former MP Rahul Gandhi has been served notice to vacate the bungalow and the reason for this is that his membership in the Parliament has expired. In such a situation, now Rahul Gandhi will have to vacate this bungalow and leave. In this matter Rahul Gandhi said that he will vacate the bungalow on time, he has no problem. 

In response to the letter from the Lok Sabha Secretariat, Rahul Gandhi has said that he will fulfill whatever has been asked of him. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has asked him to vacate the government bungalow located at 12 Tughlaq Lane. In the letter issued by the secretariat, Rahul Gandhi has been asked to vacate the government bungalow by April 23. 

In a letter addressed to Lok Sabha Deputy Secretary Mohit Ranjan, Rahul said, "Thank you for the letter regarding the withdrawal of the residence at 12 Tughlaq Lane." I have happy memories of the time spent here while fulfilling the responsibility of the public as a Lok Sabha MP for the last four times. Without prejudice to my rights, I will abide by the terms of your letter.