Rahul Gandhi: Know About His Physical Fitness!


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the Lok Sabha 2024 candidate from Wayanad, is 53 years old. But looking at his fitness, it is difficult to believe this number. While in today's time, people start suffering from back and knee pain after the age of 40, Rahul Gandhi traveled across India on foot at the age of 53.  


In an interview given to Curly Tales during 'Bharat Jodon Yatra', Rahul Gandhi talked about many aspects of his life apart from the Lok Sabha elections. This also includes his fitness secrets. Rahul Gandhi said that he is always physically active. Even when he is busy with his election preparations, he does not skip martial arts classes. Apart from this, he eats carbohydrate-free food. However, roti-rice is included in the diet. Let us understand in detail in this article how these things affect health.

Physical Activity

People who do regular physical activity have a very low risk of chronic diseases. The benefits of physical activity are visible for a long time in life. It improves life quality. Walking, running, swimming, gymming, and dancing are also included in physical activity.

Benefits of Martial Arts

According to a WebMD report, martial arts is an ancient tradition practiced for self-defense, competition, and physical, mental, and spiritual development. Its practice keeps the mind stress-free. Confidence, emotional growth, and body balance improve.

What happens when you eat fewer carbs

Eating low-carb foods reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This is because carbs cause extra fat to form in the body, which is a favorable environment for diseases. Apart from this, a low-carb diet helps in keeping blood sugar normal, which is necessary to keep the body organs including the heart healthy as well as to slow down the aging process.