Rahul Gandhi Is Showing Special Activism In Banswara, Rajasthan, Now He Said This Big Thing!


After Former Congress Veteran Mahendrajit Singh Malviya Joined The Bharatiya Janata Party, Former National President Rahul Gandhi Is Now Showing Special Activism In The Banswara District Of The State. Now Congress MP Rahul Gandhi Is Busy Trying To Woo The Tribal And Dalit Class Regarding The Lok Sabha Elections In Banswara. 

Rahul Gandhi Has Now Targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi In Banswara, Calling Congress A Supporter Of The Tribal And Dalit Class. Rahul Gandhi Is Doing Nyay Yatra Here. During This Period, Rahul Gandhi Has Also Taken A Dig At The Bhajanlal Government Of The State. He Said That The Government Of Rajasthan Is Also Run By 60 People. Take Out Their List, You Will Not Find A Single Tribal. 

He Even Said That If You Take Out A List Of The Biggest 200 Companies Of The Country, Not A Single Tribal Will Be Found. Rahul Gandhi Is Putting Special Emphasis On Filling The Void Of Mahendrajit Singh Malviya In This District Of Rajasthan. 

PC: Abplive