Pune: Rahul Gandhi on Pune Porsche Accident!


Rahul Gandhi on Pune Porsche Accident: There is anger across the country over the killing of a young man and a girl by a speeding car in Pune and then punishing the accused for writing an essay on the accident and letting him go. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also launched a scathing attack on the Modi government on this issue. He said that under PM Modi's rule, two types of India are being created in the country. One country of the rich and one of the poor. If the son of a rich father is released on the condition of writing an essay on killing two people, then why in similar accident cases the truck, bus, and auto drivers are not made to write an essay and released? 


Rich's son was made to write an essay and was released - Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi posted on his social media handle Even the keys to the jail were thrown away. At the same time, if a 17-year-old boy from a rich family gets drunk and kills two people by hitting them with a Porsche car he is made to write an essay and is let off.

Why not make auto-truck drivers write similar essays?

Expressing anger over the Pune incident, Rahul Gandhi said, 'When a 16-17-year-old boy from a rich family kills two people by driving a Porsche, he is asked to write an essay and then he is released. If this is justice then why don't bus drivers and truck drivers also get essays written in similar accidents?

Attacking the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi is creating two types of India in the country. One is the one which belongs to the rich and the other is the one in which the poor live. He further wrote, 'Narendra Modi was asked that two types of Hindustan are being created in the country. One of the billionaires and the other of the poor. To this his answer is, should I make everyone poor? But the question is not this – the question is actually about justice. Justice should be the same for everyone. That's why we are fighting against this injustice. 

Rahul Gandhi should have avoided such statements- Fadnavis

Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday criticized Rahul Gandhi's statement on the Pune Porsche car accident case. Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Fadnavis said that such statements do not increase the respect of a person like Rahul Gandhi. He should have avoided this.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi's video statement late on Tuesday night, he said, "Rahul Gandhi was probably not aware of the strict action taken by Pune police in this case. Therefore, it is not right for him to politicize such a sensitive issue every time just to get votes."

A drunk minor runs over 2 people with his car

Let us tell you that on Saturday night in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, a minor teenager, who was driving a Porsche at a speed of about 150 kmph after drinking alcohol, hit the bike. In this incident, two engineers riding the bike, Anees Awadiya and Ashwini Costa, were killed. Both were residents of Madhya Pradesh. After the incident, one accused ran away, while the other was caught by the mob and beaten severely. 

The father of the accused is a big builder of the city.

The father of the accused is a big builder, whose turnover is said to be Rs 600 crore. There are also discussions about his father's links with the underworld. After catching the accused, the police presented him before the Juvenile Justice Board, where he was released on the condition of writing an essay of 300 words on the damages caused by the accident. However, when the matter surfaced on social media, the father of the accused was taken into custody. Besides, three hotel employees were also arrested for serving liquor to a minor.