Pune: Police registered a case against the father!


Pune News: In Pune, a rich man was drunk and driving at a speed of 200 km, he crushed two people with his luxury Porsche car. After the incident, the family members are in bad condition and crying. It is being told that the 17-year-old minor was returning from a pub party with his friends to celebrate passing 12th.


Pune: News of a major road accident is coming out in Pune on Sunday. It is being said that a high-speed luxury car hit a bike. After the collision, the bike rider lost his balance and was dragged for several meters. In this horrific accident, two people riding the bike died on the spot. Among those who collided were a son from Umaria in MP and a daughter from Jabalpur. 

Both were working as engineers in Pune. It is being said that the speed of the car was very high. After the accident, the accused tried to run away, but the crowd beat him up and handed him over to the police. 

Let us tell you that the police arrested the minor car driver. Besides, the accused was also presented in the court where the court granted him bail with conditions. Let us tell you that the condition of bail is that he should work with the traffic police for 15 days, along with this the accused minor should write an essay on the accident and should get treatment from a doctor who will help in quitting alcohol.

This accident happened on the night of 18th May in Pune when a 17-year-old minor was returning from a pub party with his friends to celebrate passing 12th. At that time he was driving under the influence of alcohol. After this now action has also been taken against the owner of the pub.

Police registered a case against the father

According to the police, a Porsche Taycan car hit his bike from behind. The minor driver was taken into custody after the accident. Later he was released under certain conditions. Police had filed charges against the father for allowing a minor to drive.

There was no number plate on the car

The investigation revealed that the Porsche car being driven by the builder's 17-year-old son was running without registration since March. The builder purchased this electric luxury sports sedan in March. The price of this car in India is between Rs 1.61 crore to Rs 2.44 crore. Officials said that this car was not registered.