Public Provident Fund Scheme: Invest this much every month, you will get around one crore rupees at the time of maturity


Investing in the Public Provident Fund Scheme is preferred by a large number of people in the country. In this, there is more hope of getting good returns on investment. By investing in the Public Provident Fund Scheme, you will not have to face any kind of market risks.

At present, an interest rate of 7.1 per cent is being given on investing in it. You can deposit a huge sum of Rs 1 crore by investing Rs 12,500 in the Public Provident Fund Scheme.

For this, you can open your account in the Public Provident Fund Scheme save Rs 12,500 every month and invest Rs 1.5 lakh annually for 25 years. After this, at the time of maturity, you will get a huge amount of around Rs 1 crore. The investment amount in this scheme matures in 15 years. You have the option to extend it for another 5 years.

PC: outlookhindi.