Private liquor shops will remain closed in Delhi for 45 days from tomorrow, 'danger' of out-of-stock

Private liquor shops in Delhi will remain closed for one and a half months from October 1.

Delhi New Excise Policy: After the implementation of the new excise policy in the capital Delhi, now new standards have also been prepared regarding the license given for the sale of liquor. Because of this, between October 1 and November 16, about 40 percent of private liquor shops will be closed. It is clear that for the next 45 days, the people of Delhi will get liquor only at government liquor shops.

New Delhi. The new Excise Policy has been implemented by the Delhi Government in the national capital. Because of this, all private liquor shops will be closed from October 1. During this time only government liquor shops will be allowed to open. That is, for the next 45 days, there is a possibility of a severe shortage of liquor in Delhi. Not only this, during this time there can be a situation of long queues at liquor shops and out of stock of liquor.

Private liquor shops in the national capital will remain closed for one and a half months from October 1, which is about 40 percent of the total liquor shops. Under the new excise policy of the Delhi government, all 850 liquor shops, including 266 private liquor shops, have been given to private companies through open tender. At the same time, the new license holders will start the retail sale of liquor in the city on November 17. Although government liquor shops will remain open for the retail sale of liquor during this period, these government shops will be closed on November 16.

The Excise Department said this

Although the Excise Department is alert given the possible liquor crisis in Delhi. In this regard, an official of the Excise Department said that government liquor shops have been asked to ensure adequate storage because of the likely increase in demand.

The liquor mafia can take this opportunity

The entire Delhi government has decided to close the private shops from October 1, but no preparation has been made about how the need of Delhi's liquor will be met. In such a situation, it is believed that the liquor mafia can take full advantage of this opportunity. However, the Excise Department has asked all the wholesalers to maintain the stock for the next four months as they are doing now. Do not decrease the stock of liquor in any way.

New excise policy will be away from the problem

To the allocation of existing liquor stores in Delhi, then a total of nearly 850 liquor shops in 272 wards. Of these, 50 percent of the shops are in only 45 wards. Out of these, there are 79 wards where there is not a single liquor shop. At the same time, there are 45 such wards, where there are one to two shops. According to the New Excise Policy 2021-22, in 68 assembly constituencies of Delhi, 272 corporation wards have been divided into 30 zones. There will be 29 shops in New Delhi Municipal Council area and Delhi Cantonment. While there will be 10 liquor retail shops at Indira Gandhi International Airport.