Post Office: In this post office scheme, you will get about 16 lakh rupees on maturity, you should know


Many people prefer to invest in post office schemes. Today we are going to give you information about the benefits of Post Office Recurring Deposits. In this, along with getting good profit on your money, you also get the facility of a loan.

A person can start investing in Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme with just Rs 100. The deposited money can be saved for 5 years. In this post office scheme, the investor gets 5.8 percent interest annually. In this scheme, compound interest is calculated every three months.

The maturity period of a Post Office Recurring Deposit is five years. After this period you can extend it once for another 5 years. By starting an investment of ten thousand rupees per month in this, you will get a hefty amount of about 16 lakh rupees on maturity.