Poonch Terror Attack Update: Pictures of three terrorists who attacked the army convoy in Poonch, Jammu, and Kashmir have surfaced!

Poonch Latest News: An important update has come to light in the attack on the Air Force convoy in Poonch. There is suspicion of the involvement of 3 Pakistani terrorists in this attack. Pictures of those three terrorists have also surfaced. 


Poonch Terror Attack Update: Pictures of three terrorists who attacked the army convoy in Poonch, Jammu, and Kashmir have surfaced. According to sources, these three are the same terrorists who had attacked the Air Force convoy in Poonch a few days ago. These terrorists are associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba and are active in the Rajouri-Poonch area. 


Terrorist attack was carried out by doing recce

According to police sources, one of these terrorists is Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Abu Hamza. The second terrorist is Aliaz Fauji, who has been a former commando in the Pakistan Army. The name of the third terrorist is Adun. According to intelligence sources, these three terrorists carried out this attack in Poonch by doing recce.

Possibility of local network involvement

Accrding to experts, instructions for the attack were received from ISI. After this, the terrorists crossed the border through dense forests and carried out the incident. It is also suspected that the local network was involved in this attack, given that, intensive interrogation of the suspects is going on in the villages surrounding the incident site. 

Airmen were attacked on 4th May

Let us tell you that the terrorists hiding in the forest had attacked the Air Force convoy on May 4 when two Air Force trucks were returning to their base after taking ration from the market in the evening. At the same time, the terrorists sitting in the ambush started firing rapidly on both the trucks. 5 airmen were injured in this attack. The remaining soldiers retaliated bravely, after which the terrorists fled towards the dense forests. 

Clue found from CCTV recording footage

After the incident, additional contingents of security forces were sent to the spot, who started an intensive search operation in the surrounding forests, but no trace of the terrorists could be found. One airman was martyred in this terrorist attack, while the remaining injured airmen are undergoing treatment in the hospital. After scanning the CCTV cameras in Poonch and surrounding areas, three suspicious faces have emerged, who have been confirmed as Pakistani terrorists.