PNB Update: There is no money in the account and yet the ATM is trying again and again then it will be charged


You will have an ATM at the bank, as well as you will keep money in the account and also withdraw it from the ATM. But now big news has come for you that there is no money in your account and you are still using the ATM again and again and your money is not coming out, then now your charge will be deducted.

For information, let us tell you that the country's second-largest government bank is going to make this new rule for PNB customers. In case you do not have enough money in your account and the ATM transaction does not go through, you will be charged 10$ GST on the cash withdrawal transaction.

PNB will implement this rule from 1 May 2023. In such a situation, you have to keep money in the account. Domestic ATM cash withdrawal transactions failed due to insufficient funds to attract GST of $10.