PNB alert: If you also have an account in PNB, read this news immediately, the bank issued this warning!


India's second-largest public sector bank, Punjab National Bank has issued a warning to millions of its customers about fake messages being circulated by cybercriminals. The purpose of these fake messages sent under the guise of celebrating the 130th anniversary of the bank is to steal customers' money by misusing the identity of the bank.

In response, PNB has urged customers to be cautious and avoid clicking on any link or sharing personal information without proper verification.


PNB has also taken to Twitter to alert its customers, stating that it has not issued any offer related to its 130th anniversary and customers are advised to avoid clicking on any link related to such an offer. given. Additionally, PNB has provided some useful cyber security tips to safeguard against such fraudulent messages.

It advises customers not to click on any message sent in the name of the bank without proper verification and cross-check any message circulated on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Further, customers are warned not to share personal information such as name, Aadhaar number, PAN number, and banking details such as account number, credit/debit card, or OTP by clicking on any link or replying to any such message. 


PNB has also pointed out that cybercriminals are adopting different tactics to cheat customers, the most common being messages related to KYC and PAN updates. These messages falsely claim that it is necessary to complete the KYC or PAN update process to save the account from becoming inactive. In these messages, customers are directed to click on a link to complete the process and are then asked to provide personal information. Within minutes, these fraudsters can withdraw large sums of money from customers' accounts. PNB has urged its customers to be vigilant and complete the KYC process by visiting the branch.