PM-SYM: Get a pension of three thousand rupees per month by investing only 55 rupees


Many types of schemes are run by the central government in the interest of the people. Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana is also one of them. Through this scheme, the workers, and laborers associated with the unorganized sector of the country are benefited by the government.

Under this scheme, people are given an annual pension of Rs 36,000. That is, in this scheme, which is being run to secure the future of the people associated with the unorganized sector, a pension of three thousand rupees per month is given by the government.

A person of 18 years of age can apply to take advantage of this scheme. To take advantage of the scheme, you have to invest only Rs 55 per month. On attaining the age of 60 years, you will be provided a pension of three thousand rupees every month.

PC: fortune India