PM Modi: The Prime Minister targeted the opposition, and said- all the corrupt have united


After the termination of Rahul Gandhi's membership and his punishment, all the opposition parties in the country united. After the unification of these parties, PM Modi targeted them. On the occasion of the inauguration of the party's new residential complex from the BJP headquarters in Delhi, PM Modi said that today the investigation agencies are being questioned, and the roots of the corruption have been shaken.

Targeting all the opposition parties, he said that all the corrupt have united. We campaigned against corruption. Some parties have launched a campaign to save corruption. The decision of the court is being questioned. Banks were looted during Congres's rule. 

Addressing the BJP workers, the Prime Minister said that the country is not going to stop due to their allegations. Many conspiracies were done to destroy BJP. Traps were also laid to put me in jail, but they failed. Today, wherever I go, people say that Modi ji, don't stop.