PM Modi showers gifts on Bundelkhand, 10 lakh farmers craving for water will get the benefit


Before the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year, PM Modi has showered gifts from Purvanchal to western Uttar Pradesh, Madhya, and Bundelkhand. Friday was named after Bundelkhand. PM Modi, who reached Mahoba first as part of a three-day UP tour, inaugurated the Rs 3,240 crore Arjun Auxiliary Project, Bhavani Dam Project, Ratoli Dam Project, Masgaon-Chilli Sprinkler Project in Mahoba, Hamirpur, Banda, and Lalitpur.

Today, the Prime Minister is giving many invaluable gifts to the farmers and soldiers of this brave land. Their total cost is around 6600 crores. The Arjun Sahayak project he launched in Mahoba is to connect four dams. He inaugurated development projects worth Rs 3,240 crore here. After Mahoba, he will lay the foundation stone of the first project of the Defense Corridor in Jhansi. Anti-tank missiles and light helicopters will be made here. Here he will give all the military armament and equipment including the lightest indigenous helicopter, warfare suit including Mega Solar Park. Their total cost is 3414 crores.

Modi will also see Rani's fort

Before attending the birthday celebrations of Prime Minister Rani Laxmibai in Jhansi, Rani will see the fort of Jhansi. She will also see the place from where the queen jumped on a horse during the war with the British. He will take a view of the city from the highest tower of the fort. Among the gifts that Modi is about to give, most are related to water, barring the Defense Corridor. The seven districts of Bundelkhand have been facing a water crisis for decades. These schemes will benefit more than 500 villages, more than 10 lakh farmers. Among these, Bhavani Dam of Lalitpur, Arjuna subsidiary project of Mahoba is the main ones.