PM Modi: Prime Minister's big gift to the youth, now the youth of the country will be able to do this work


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running many such schemes for the youth of the country, which is giving the youth a chance to move forward. In such a situation, today once again he distributed appointment letters to about 71,000 youths under the employment fair through video conferencing. The Prime Minister also gave his address on this occasion.

He said that nine years ago, on May 16, 2014, when the results of the Lok Sabha elections came, there was a wave of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the whole country. He said that during these nine years, the government created many new employment opportunities. During this, PM Modi counted the work done by the BJP government in 9 years.

According to the information, the employment fair was organized at 45 places across the country. Along with the departments of the Central Government, the appointment letters of the recruits were distributed in the State Governments and Union Territories. 

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