PM Modi: Prime Minister targeted India alliance, said- they want to destroy culture and India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has targeted the opposition alliance Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (India). Let us tell you that the PM was on a tour of Chhattisgarh on Thursday. PM Modi cornered India alliance on the issue of Sanatan Dharma. Modi said that the people of the country need to be cautious of them because this alliance wants to destroy India's culture and India.

Prime Minister Modi said that this Sanatan Dharma, Sanatan Culture has been inspiring everyone for thousands of years, from Gandhiji to Swami Vivekananda and from Mother Ahilya Bai Holkar to Mirabai. The Prime Minister said that the people of 'Indi' alliance have tried to end such Sanatan culture.

Taking aim at the alliance, PM Modi said that the people of the entire country including Chhattisgarh have to be very cautious about them. Because they want to destroy thousands of years of India's culture, they want to destroy India.