PM Modi: Prime Minister returned to India after visiting three countries, and received a warm welcome at the airport


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned to India from his three-nation tour. As soon as the PM returned to Delhi, there was a gathering of BJP workers and ministers at the airport to welcome him, seeing which PM Modi was also happy. BJP National President JP Nadda welcomed PM Modi on his arrival at Palam Airport in Delhi.

During this, the Prime Minister said, I go to the countries of the world, meet the great men of the world and the people there. I talk about the potential of India and its strength. I do not lower my eyes while glorifying the great culture of my country. I talk by making eye contact.

Speaking on the occasion, Modi said that this capability is because you have formed a government with a full majority. PM Modi said, I would also say the same to you that while speaking about the culture and great tradition of India, never get immersed in the mentality of slavery.