PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at ASEAN-India summit in Jakarta


Taking time out of his very busy schedule, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Jakarta to attend the ASEAN-India Summit. Please tell that PM Modi will stay here only for 9 hours and after that he will reach back to India. The reason for this is that this time India is hosting the G20.

Let us tell you that the G20 summit will be held in Delhi on 9 and 10 September and it is necessary for the PM to stay here. At the same time, leaders of many big countries will also start arriving from today itself. In such a situation, PM Modi will return only after his one day tour. On the other hand, PM's visit there shows the importance India is giving to its relations with ASEAN countries. 

Here, on Modi's arrival at the hotel in Jakarta, members of the Indian diaspora welcomed PM Modi. At the same time, tell that PM Modi can talk mainly on three issues in the summit. The first issue would be maritime security, the second issue would be the process of amendment in the existing trade agreement between India and ASEAN, the third issue would be to talk with ASEAN countries regarding the new map issued by China.