PM Modi: In the election rally, PM targeted Congress, said - If there is BJP then there is development.


Internet Desk. Assembly elections are going to be held in five states of the country. Madhya Pradesh is also included in these states. In such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also started campaigning for his party. PM Modi addressed an election rally in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday and lashed out at Congress.

Here he held a rally in Seoni and addressed the public meeting. During this, he said that MP has BJP in his mind and Modi has MP in his mind.
Speaking further, he said that Janata Janardan has taken the guarantee of making Modi win, and once again BJP government will be formed in Madhya Pradesh.

Along with this, PM Modi has fiercely targeted Congress. He said, Madhya Pradesh is saying with one voice if there is BJP then there is trust, if there is BJP then there is development, if there is BJP then there is a better future.