PM Modi Bodyguards: Who become the bodyguards of the Prime Minister? Know the complete information from salary to weapons of SPG officers!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels across the country in a bulletproof convoy and under extraordinary security. PM Modi is seen surrounded by security personnel wearing black suits and carrying machine guns to protect the PM.

PM Modi's security guards belong to the government security agency Special Protection Group (SPG). SPG officers are assigned the task of protecting high-ranking individuals in the country. In India, the sole responsibility of the SPG is to protect the Prime Minister and in some cases his family.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only person in the whole country who is under the protection of the Special Protection Group. SPG protection is also given to the family members of PM Modi, provided they live in their official residence.


SPG officer's selection process, training

An officer of the Special Protection Group (SPG) can stay in the unit only for three years, after which they are transferred. SPG officers are selected from CISF, CRPF, BSF, ITBP, and state police departments.

SPG officers undergo three months of rigorous training, similar to that given to United States Secret Service agents. They have to give weekly tests for three months. If they fail even a single test, they are sent back to their parent organization.


SPG officer weapons salary and allowances

PM Modi's bodyguards carry high-end weapons and equipment with them. They wear level 3 bulletproof vests and special gloves. They also wear dark glasses and are not allowed to show facial expressions when they are out in public with PM Modi.

He carries weapons such as an FN P90 machine gun, an FN Herstel F2000 rifle, Glock 17 automatic pistol, and FN SCAR automatic rifle. He also owns cars like armored BMW 7 Series sedans, armored Range Rovers, and Mercedes Maybach S 650 Guard.

As per reports, the annual salary of PM Modi's bodyguards and other SPG officers is Rs 8 lakh to Rs 12 lakh per annum depending on their rank and experience.