PM Kissan 15th Installment- The 15th instalment of PM Kisan Yojana has been released, and crores of farmers got money.


In a significant development for farmers across India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled the 15th instalment of the PM Kisan Yojana. This important action took place during the Tribal Pride Day program in Khunti, Jharkhand, which shows the commitment of the government to support the farming community.

Distribution to beneficiary farmers: The Prime Minister's announcement included distribution of Rs 2,0008 crore beneficiary farmers . The objective of this financial assistance is to reduce the challenges faced by farmers and enhance their livelihood.

Total amount transferred: The total amount transferred during this tranche was Rs 18,610 crore. This huge amount directly reached the accounts of 8.11, which shows the scale and impact of PM Kisan Yojana.


Prior communication from Union Agriculture Minister: Ahead of the release , Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar had officially informed about the upcoming installment , informing about the ongoing efforts of the government to support the farming community.