PM Kisan Yojana: The number of beneficiary farmers may reduce in the 15th installment, these three reasons came to the fore


Farmers have been getting the benefits of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme being run by the Central Government for the farmers. In this, farmers get three installments of Rs 2,000 each in a year from the government. Farmers have received 14 installments so far and are waiting for the 15th. In such a situation, the number of beneficiary farmers may also decrease this time. 

In such a situation, a question must be running in the minds of the farmers that how can the number of beneficiaries decrease, so today we are telling you about it. 

Number 1:

The first reason for reduction in the list of beneficiaries is that people's names are excluded from the beneficiary list during the verification of land records. Because farmers are not able to fulfill the conditions of the scheme.

Number 2

is the second reason, the people who were associated with the scheme even after being ineligible, the government becomes strict against them and by issuing notices to such people, their names are removed from the scheme.

Number 3:

Those who do not get e-KYC done, their names are also removed from the beneficiary list.