People have pledged to form a double engine government: Rajendra Rathore


Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan on 25 November. For this, candidates have entered the electoral fray. Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore is also continuously doing public relations in his area. He has given information in this regard by tweeting.

He tweeted that the lotus will bloom, now development will happen. The public has taken this resolution. Have pledged to form a double engine government. Seeing the unwavering love and affection of the public in the meetings organized in Brahma Nagar and Ratanpura of Taranagar Assembly, I am convinced that everyone's faith is with the BJP.

I will never forget the love and affection that the godlike people and workers of Taranagar assembly constituency are showering on me. The villagers of Hadiyal and Rajpura have resolved to vote on the lotus symbol for the development of Taranagar on 25th November. The nomination process for elections has started in the state. Candidates have a chance to nominate till November 6. 

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