Pentagon Paper Leak: FBI Arrests 21-year-old man in secret document leak case


In the matter of leaking intelligence documents in America, the FBI has A member of the Air National Guard arrested. The Guardsman, identified as 21-year-old Jack Teixeira, embarrassed Washington along with allies around the world. According to media reports, Guardsman Jack is the administrator of an online chat group and it was here that he posted some documents.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said the FBI arrested Jack for leaking documents related to national defense information. Garland said FBI agents took Teixeira into custody on Thursday afternoon. At present, the investigation of the case is going on.

In fact, due to the leaking of intelligence documents from the US Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), there has been a worldwide stir. According to media reports, much intelligence related to the Russia-Ukraine war is mentioned in these documents. It also says how America is helping Ukraine. How the consignment of arms was sent.

In America, there has been a stir due to the leaking of confidential documents of the Defense Department. In this regard, the Pentagon said that the leaking of documents is a very serious risk to national security. According to the information received from the media report, some documents related to the Ukraine war are also included in it.

Apart from this, it also includes the report of Intelligence Intelligence, which is related to Ukraine, Russia as well as America's allies. Let us tell you that the Justice Department of America is currently investigating this matter. Let us tell you that there has been a stir in America after the leaking of these documents.

At the same time, Chris Meagher, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, had said that intelligence documents coming online is a threat to the security of the country. Due to this, many wrong information is also spreading. Meagher had said that we are investigating how this happened.