Parliament session: Congress made a plan for the special session of Parliament, asked the government to tell the agenda


The central government has called a five-day special session and no agenda has yet been revealed regarding this session. On the other hand, for the upcoming special session of the Parliament, the main opposition party Congress held an important meeting and prepared the strategy ahead. In this matter, Congress said that it will not sit only for 'Modi Chalisa' in this session.

The Congress said that it wants discussion on issues related to the public in both the Houses. Please tell that the special session of the Parliament is going to be held from 18 to 22 September, in which some special bills can be brought from the government. At the same time, Congress Party General Secretary Jairam Ramesh also said after the meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Strategic Group that political, social and economic issues would be raised in this session.

According to media reports, the meeting held under the leadership of Congress Parliamentary Party chief Sonia Gandhi discussed economic problems, unemployment, inflation, losses due to rain in Himachal Pradesh, floods in the North-East, situation in Manipur, matters related to Adani Group and the border. There has been a discussion about the challenge. 

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