Pakistan: The economic situation in Pakistan is bad, inflation has broken record for the last 50 years, and 20 people have died so far in the process of looting food.


The economic condition of Pakistan is very bad at this time. The situation is such that a situation of hunger has arisen and inflation has increased so much that you will be sweating even to buy flour and oil. The situation in Pakistan has worsened. The situation is that more than 20 people have died so far in 10 days due to the looting of food. 

According to information, inflation in Pakistan has made life difficult for common people. If the news is to be believed then the inflation here has broken the record of the last 50 years. Wherever you look here, there will be a crowd of people everywhere to loot food or food items. 

According to the information, the inflation rate in Pakistan has been recorded at 35.37 percent in March. At least 12 people were killed when a crowd crushed them at a factory distributing Ramadan food in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi. People are distressed due to the economic crisis in Pakistan.