OTP Scam: You should also avoid such OTP scams, know how thugs do these scams


SIM swap scam : Scammers may contact the victim and claim to be from the victim's mobile service provider. They can trick the victim into providing their OTP or other personal information, claiming that it is needed to resolve an issue with their account. Once the victim provides the OTP, the scammer can use it to swap SIMs, take control of the victim's mobile number and potentially gain access to their accounts.

Phishing scams: Scammers may send messages or emails claiming to be from a legitimate company or service, such as a bank or online shopping platform, and ask the victim to verify their account or provide their OTP to complete a transaction. Can say for These messages may include links to fake websites that look like the website of a legitimate company, but are designed to steal the victim's OTP and other personal information.

Social engineering scams: Scammers may use social engineering tactics to trick the victim into providing their OTP. For example, they may pretend to be a trusted friend or family member in urgent need of money, and ask the victim to provide their OTP to complete the transaction on their behalf. These scams take advantage of the victim's trust and emotional response to manipulate them into revealing their OTP.


Fake OTP Generators: Scammers can create fake OTP generators or apps that claim to provide OTPs for various purposes, such as bypassing security measures or accessing special features. These fake generators may request the victim's personal information, including their phone number, and then generate fake OTPs to gain access to the victim's accounts or steal their information.