OPS: Good news for government employees regarding old pension, the central government made a big announcement


The demand for old pensions is increasing continuously in the country, in such a situation, where the Central Government was refusing to give OPS on one hand, now the Central Government itself has proposed to constitute a committee for this. With the formation of this committee, some hope has arisen among the government employees of the Center and BJP-ruled states.

In Parliament on Friday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman proposed to set up a committee to look into pension-related issues for government employees. The Finance Minister said that a committee will be formed under the leadership of the Finance Secretary. This committee will review the new pension scheme.

Let us tell you that from January 1, 2004, NPS i.e. New Pension Scheme is applicable in the country. After the formation of the committee, the OPS will also be reviewed and after that, the central government can decide on it.