One of these can become the Chief Minister of Karnataka from the Congress side


Congress seems to be getting a big victory in the Karnataka assembly elections. According to the trends so far, Congress is getting 134 seats. At the same time, only 64 seats are seen going to BJP's account. That is, Congress is expected to get more seats than the majority.

After this success of Congress, the discussion has also started that who will be the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. If reports are to be believed, a formula has been prepared by the Congress to make him the Chief Minister. Under this, one of Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar can get a chance to become the Chief Minister. However, so far no information has been received from Congress in this regard.

Making Siddaramaiah the Chief Minister can give an advantage to Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Whereas DK Shivkumar Gitni is among the loyal people of the party. If DK Shivakumar becomes the Chief Minister, he can be helpful in raising funds for the party in the Lok Sabha elections.

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