NRE FD Rates 2023: State Bank of India is giving up to 7.10 percent interest on fixed deposits to these account holders


New rates for fixed deposits of NRE accounts have been implemented by many Indian banks. Under this, banks have also started providing benefits to their account holders with new interest rates. Although very few people would know about NRE accounts.

Indians living abroad have a bank account in the country. Foreign currency is deposited by these people in their bank accounts in India. These bank accounts are called non-resident external accounts. Through these accounts, the amount can be withdrawn in Indian currency.


On behalf of SBI, an interest rate ranging from 6.50 to 7.10 percent is being provided in this account for a period of one to ten years on an amount of fewer than two crores. Interest rate ranging from 6.00 percent to 6.75 percent is being given by the State Bank of India on an amount of more than two crores. These new interest rates of the State Bank of India are applicable from February 15, 2023.