Now the new variant of Corona has become a big problem for the world!


Coronavirus still remains a cause of great trouble for the world. Now the new variant of this dangerous virus has once again created panic in the world. It is a matter of relief for India that till now no case of a new variant has been reported in the country. 

A new variant of Corona has been found in South Africa and Botswana. Due to this, the cases of corona have increased rapidly in these countries. The World Health Organization has also become alert about this. WHO has called an emergency meeting in this regard today. 

After Britain, Israel has also banned travel to African countries due to the new variant of Corona. According to the UK, the new variant B.1.1529 has a spike protein that is different from the original form of the coronavirus.

 According to South African scientists, the new variant of the corona is more infected. It is being told that this new variant of the coronavirus, along with spreading the infection very rapidly, also reduces or eliminates the effect of the vaccine.