Not everyone who comes in contact with a corona patient needs a covid test: ICMR


Corona cases are increasing continuously, due to which panic is spreading all over the world. Corona cases are also increasing continuously in India. unless they are identified as persons at risk.

Higher risk means those people who are older or more prone to disease, the Indian Council of Medical Research Advisory states that ICMR has issued an advisory regarding the list of testing, in which it has been said that the patients with symptoms should be identified as soon as possible. And they should be given proper treatment with isolation at the right time, accelerate the detection of infection in the victims of elderly diseases, especially hypertension, lung, and kidney-related diseases, obesity, etc.


He has said that people who are admitted to the hospital should not get a corona test after a week unless it is very necessary or they do not show any symptoms. It is not necessary that even people without symptoms at community places need not get corona tests done for people traveling from one state to another.